Why should I spend time and money at a workshop?
Because it is simply the best way of getting started, quick and easy, without having to learn all the "Trial-and-Errors" that you otherwise has to spend both time and money for learning. Other people have spent this time and money, so why not just take advantage of their knowledge?

Also the experienced photographer can learn new ways to see oportunitys and also new ways to experience a oportunity for a photo, making photos from a diffrent way of thinking, so this s not only a workshop for the beginner at nature photography.

The workshops can be held in English or Swedish, depending on participants preferences.


Planned workshops

Dennis Nilsson's Photo Safaris:

- Photographing frogs in Panamá. Good first experience of rainforests.

You will also have chances to see alot of other amphibians, insects, reptiles, spiders and birds but also some mamals. Dennis Nilsson have experience of both the photographing of these animals and of Panamá and will at many places be able to guide you to the special spots. In cases where local professional guides are needed it will be included in the price.

There is an moderate need of your physical condition. It will be daytrips that is in quite hard terrain sometimes but the tempo will be quite slow since we want to photograph. People who havn't been in rainforest before tend to be amazed about everything they see and want to photograph everything - this is something we encourages and therefore will adapt speed after.
Guides tend to rush away and have a very high tempo, especially at high altitudes where you get easily exhausted, but we will slow it down.

Lodging will be included in price. Transports will be included in price.

There will at some places be oportunities for making tours on your own. This is not included in price, but we are not talking about big money here.

Equipment needed:

This depends probably on what level you are and what you want to get out of this Trip and Workshop but if I had to choose what Photo-equipment to use it would be:

- D-SLR camera, or what you prefer.
- Macro lens at 90-105 mm - For frogs and insects. Possibly other focal lenghts if you prefer it.
- Normal (zoom) lens - For all the beutiful nature and nice people here.
- Tele (zoom) lens eg, 70-300 zoom or what you prefer for photos at home. Birds are just as hard, or worse, to get close enough for a shoot here as home.
- External flash, Tripod? Monopod?
- Lots of memorycards or a laptop or some kind of storage to unload the memorycards into. An external 2,5" HD might be OK if someone else has a laptop and let you use it.
- Good bag for carry your equipment with you on daytrips.
- ziplock platic bags and silica gel. (hairdryer?).
- Some kind of raincover for equipment.

Think about the weight at your equipment since you have to carry everything yourself.
Humidity will be a problem, especially if weather gets bad. A tripod is good but I am personally not using my tripod alot. It's up to you to decide what is needed since you will carry it yourself. Keep equipment to a minimum.

Personal packing (This is my recomendations, you might have other needs)

- 4x T-shirts or simular short sleeved.
- 3x Long sleeved T-shirts or shirts.
- 3x pants for forest/outdoor use.
- 2x shorts + 1x bathing clothes.
- ?x Socks (you will always be wet on your feets).
- ?x Underwear.
- Hat or cap, sunscreen.
- Rain Clothes:  Rain poncho + rain jacket and pants.
- rubberboots, 2x shoes, sandals.
- 1x thin easydry Bath towel.
- detergent for handwashing clothes if needed (cold water).
- Personal hygiene.

I prefer to pack everything it into a backpack since it's easier to carry around, but it's up to you. We will not be carrying the packing around alot unless something unexpected occurs since we can leave our packing in hotels or hospedajes where we are staying.
Be prepared at that you will get wet and muddy and very tired at your daytrips and that it's hard to get clothing and shoes dry again. Rubberboots may not sound fun but they get dry over night at least.
There will be places where it is possible to get your clothes washed and dried during the trip.


More detailed information and prices will come up soon...

If you are interested, please send a mail and you might be able to have wishes about the travel dates and the destinations if you have some special wishes.

I need at least 3 persons with serious interest to start to plan details.


Induro Carbon 8x C-014
Induro SA-01








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