About Me

My name is as you might guess, given the name of the page, Dennis Nilsson. My interest in photography and art has been with me as long as I can remember, but to start shooting more seriously with 35mm SLR cameras began in 2000 and just continued with a Digital SLR camera back in 2003.

From the beginning I have mostly photographed in black and white and have been doing a lot of developing processing in my own little primitive darkroom. I went quickly over to digital technology when it came along with Canon's digital SLR cameras. My first digital SLR house was an EOS 10D that I bought as soon as it was released.

My speciality has been photographing a lot of Latin- and South American rain forest and there because I'm very interested in some groups of the beautiful amphibians that live there. First and foremost, it is the frogs in the groups Dendrobatidae (poison dartfrogs) and Atelopus (neotropical toads), which I'm interested, but I shoot photos of everything that interests me and is coming in my way. Insects, peoples, landscapes and all kinds of animals.

Until now, photography has been my big expensive hobby that was extremely interesting to combine with my interest in the poison arrow frogs and other amphibians. Hopefully, it will be an interest that will last for all my life.


Dennis Nilsson